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Rental Agreement/Waiver and Release of Liability

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“Glyder” (or legal guardian if Glyder is a minor under the age of 18), states that the Glyder has read and understands this Agreement/Waiver and Release of Liability Form of Glyderz Company to the fullest, and hereby accepts and agrees to the following:


“Glyder” understands that riding an electric scooter or any other equipment rented from “Glyderz Company” is an inherently dangerous activity which includes risks but are not limited to: Bodily Injury to self and others, damage to personal and other property, damage to clothing,…


Conditions and Representation: “Glyder” has not made any misrepresentations to Glyderz as a company including but not limited to:


“Glyder” agrees that he/she is fully responsible for any and all damage or loss to the equipment rented and agrees to pay for all repairs or replacement cost if the equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged. “Glyder” accepts that he/she has inspected the equipment and has accepted to “use as is” and agrees that equipment is fully functional and working properly for the purpose it is intended to be used for.


“Glyder” agrees that he/she is physically and mentally able to rightfully operate equipment rented and is familiar with operating the equipment, their physical/mental requirements and understands all the risks involved (damage/injury, loss or damage of equipment, damage to property). “Glyder” also agrees that he/she is aware that they must abide by all applicable state/city laws (bike lanes, speed, street signs, building/park signs)…


Release of all Liability (including negligence): “Glyder” agrees to release and discharge to the fullest extent allowed under law, “Glyderz Company”, from any and all liability for any damages, injuries, claims, demands, suits, actions, causes or actions and judgements, including without limitation any injury or damages to “Glyder” or other person/property.


“Glyder” understands that this form is a legal contract which limits the “Glyders” legal rights.

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